Six months since we set off from Sydney, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and a lovely lazy ending to the day.

Day 172: Chiang Mai, Thailand. Today marks a whopping 6 months since we left Sydney to start our Asian Rambles. The time has flown past, but it’s been packed with great experiences and adventures, and a whole heap of fun. Here’s to the next 6 months and beyond. 🙂

After another late night, we dragged ourselves out of bed mid-morning and inhaled several cups of caffeine to help kick start engines. We spent a bit of time booking accommodation for our next few days in Chiang Dao, then headed out for a long walk towards the west of the town.

It was another searing hot 34C afternoon. While it was a little hot for walking, it was perfect for drying chillis in the sun.

We took a short cut through a shopping centre for a free shot of air conditioning, where we stopped briefly to take in the Christmas decorations. Lots of ornate trees and a series of dancing santas, some with saxophones. As someone on Facebook reminded us earlier today, there’s only 39 days to Christmas.

Lil had spotted an online ad for a charity book sale at a fair trade cafe a few kilometres from our guesthouse. We popped in to have a dig through their tumbling piles of secondhand books. Jim has a kindle so doesn’t ‘do paper’ any more – Lil however still loves paper books but can’t carry more than two at a time. So after some extensive rummaging she bought one book, which she’ll now have to lug around until she finishes her current one.

We continued walking and exploring, with no particular place to go, which is sometimes a very good thing. We passed a very weird looking deserted waiting area – oddly placed plastic seats in a bit of a wasteland. What that’s about, we have no idea.

We stopped for coffee at a tiny cafe in a small street, watching the world go past and enjoying our last full day in Chiang Mai.

We’d originally planned to go to stand up comedy this evening, but a quick look on YouTube made us question whether the American comedian we were hoping to see was actually very funny or not. So we decided to give it a skip, and instead had a wonderful lazy evening on the sofa watching rubbish TV, eating pot noodles and generally doing not much at all.

Tomorrow we pack up again, to catch a bus to Chiang Dao. We’ll really miss Chiang Mai, it’s a happening city and we’ve had a lot of fun here. But we’re also looking forward to getting out into the countryside, and doing some more trekking.

More then.

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