Roadblocks on the way to the museum, craft beers cooking in the sun, and doing our best to do not much at all.

Day 198: Taitung, Taiwan. We had a day of doing not very much, which is always good now and then. Though Lil, by her own admission, doesn’t excel much at the ‘doing nothing’ thing.

After breakfast (more coffee, eggs and bread – we reckon the guesthouse has now definitely evolved from Taiwanese American breakfast), we headed out for a walk across the city to the Taiwan Prehistoric Museum.

The museum is split across a number of different sites. We visited the first one, which is in an open air park called Beinan Cultural Park. Excavations early in the 20th century revealed some 5500 year old occupations in the area, and when the new Taitung railway station was being built nearby in the 1980s, the diggings were further continued and preserved in the Beinan park and museum. We had a walk around the park afterwards, which is beautifully kept, well visited and full of birdlife.

Then we left to head towards the main museum building (where a lot of the excavated artifacts are on display), another 3km away. As we left Beinan Park, a guy in a car stopped to check we were ok and asked if we needed any help. The kindness of strangers here is really heart warming.

The route towards the main museum took us down some fabulous quiet country lanes, with fields full of fruit trees.

Unfortunately, there’s a giant new bypass being built along the river which was between us and the museum. It’s new enough that’s it’s not on any maps, and we constantly hit roadblocks as we found closed roads and walking paths, including the stunning footpath along the old railway, and we kept having to retrace our steps. Eventually we gave up trying to reach the museum, stopped for a coffee, then caught a bus to town, and another bus back to our guesthouse.

While we were in the town we walked over to take a look at Tiehua Music Village, the main local live music venue and part of the railways arts centre. We took a pic of their events poster, showing what’s happening in December (albeit we’ll need the help of Google Translator to understand what’s happening when). Perhaps we’ll manage to get there tomorrow evening, which will be our last night in Taitung.

We also spotted a fab looking craft beer bar next to Tiehua, with rows of beer bottles on the open air bar outside (presumably for display only, as they must cook nicely in the sun). The bar only opens evening times, so it may also be a good candidate for our night on the town tomorrow.

We spent the rest of the day travel planning and catching up with admin, and doing our best to do not much at all.

Tomorrow we’re planning to catch one of the tourist shuttle buses that run up the coast, to visit a large wavy bridge to a rocky outcrop. And after a day of doing not much at all, it will be good to get moving again.

More then.