Jim poses with a reindeer and a toilet, it’s all about poo at the zoo, and feeling the earth move.

Day 262: Taipei, Taiwan. We decided on a trip to Taipei zoo today; while neither of us are big on zoos (mostly we steer clear of them), Taipei zoo is well respected and does a lot of great work around animal conservation.

Jim’s latest breakfast fad is duck eggs preserved in salt, which Lil (not surprisingly) has added to the ‘weird foods’ category.

As we walked to the MRT station, Jim had the opportunity to pose with a Christmas deer which was positioned next to a toilet in a bathroom store. And if our calculations are right, it’s now the 52nd day of Christmas).

Our trip on the MRT included another trip on the driverless train (and another opportunity to play big kids). We’ve used the MRT system extensively while we’ve been here; this city really knows how to do public transport (in fact the whole country does) – the network has been one of the best we’ve experienced anywhere.

Entering the zoo was easy too – despite it being Saturday afternoon, there were no queues and we were quickly able to purchase tickets using our EasyCards at one of the kiosks.

We had a fabulous afternoon, though we found two and a half hours wasn’t quite enough to get around everything comfortably. The zoo is huge, with a zone for each continent, and we were sprinting towards the end to try and pack everything in.

Amongst the usual zoo animals, there are a couple of stand-out exhibits. The rain forest dome, which is full of exotic plants, butterflies, marmosets, scarlet ibis, and fish all under the same roof was particularly spectacular. The poison-dart frogs exhibits were also great – the zoo obviously has a bit of a thing for them, as they were on display in several locations.

The zoo seems to have a bit of a fetish for animal poo. There are lots of signs about animal asses, and apparently there are special daily poo exhibits, which sadly we missed.

After dinner in a nearby eatery, we headed home for a quiet Saturday night in. While we were typing today’s blog post, the room started shaking – our first experience of a Taiwan earthquake. The epicentre was down the east coast, south of Hualien. It was reported at 5.7 but only mild (2.0) in Taipei. It was Lil’s second experience of an earthquake, and Jim’s first – we’ll be very happy if we don’t experience any more.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Taiwan; we have lots of planning to do for the upcoming Greek trip, and we’ll venture out for a last wander about the city at some stage, ideally to find somewhere to offload some of Lil’s growing library of books. And hopefully we won’t feel the earth shaking again.

More then.